Friends of Chalet “Rouge ou Blanc”

Chalet “Rouge ou Blanc” is a nice house to stay in your vacation. We are very glad we got so much help to make that happen.

  • Robert and his team of Projectbureau Sol have renovated the chalet very well in a very short time
  • The kitchen is made for us and installed by the Keukenmakery
  • The table in the kitchen is specially designed for us by Edward Otten
  • Bed linen is provided by Koeka
  • The pizza oven on the terrace is provided by

If you would like to stay in Villard Reculas for your vacation, but Chalet “Rouge ou Blanc” is no longer available, there are perhaps opportunities at one of our neighbors:

Let our neighbour Sophie know what your search criteria are, and she’ll gladly guide you to the one that meets best your expectations (English spoken).

When we cannot (yet) stay in Villard Reculas, we like to go to Auberge La Douce Montagne